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{ Sunday, December 1, 2013 }
Hey everyone!

If you have chanced upon this blog, I have important news!

I'm shifting my blogs, reblogs and blerg attentions to tumblr and my professional website.

You can visit the official Max Bare website here:

And follow me on tumblr here:

As always my truckload of pics will be dumped in my flickr here:

And catch Mystery Afoot comic hijinks here:

And of course, DOOM:

M is for Mathematical!

{ Saturday, August 25, 2012 }
SLAMACOW!  This month OhNo!Doom hosted an "Adventure Time" themed show featuring dozens of talented artists paying homage to their fave cartoon about a boy and his dog.  I was actually able to steal some time away to participate in the Algebraic art assault.
"M is for Mathematical" detail

So natural I did a Mash-up w/ the Sesame Street gang (and some other lucky puppets).  
Artwork available >>>

In other news, Australian culture art & video game rag, Jumpbutton Magazine just dropped the latest issue for digital release (free) and print (money$) featuring a 9 page interview with yours truly about curating OhNo!Doom's "Super Button Mashers" video game inspired group exhibit.  Pretty awesome read and includes a cool article about Adventure Time coincidently.  

You can download a free digital issue here:

2011: The Happenings

{ Wednesday, December 7, 2011 }
Apparently there is no internet in the art cave. (lies!)
So here's a massive helping of brain gravy for the holidays: First things last! Or the other way around...

This past weekend witnessed the OhNo!Doom collective trek 16 hours across mountains, ice and yeti shanties from Chicago to Denver Colorado. "DOOM'S DAY" opened at Illiterate gallery on 12/2/2011. The exhibit featured an onslaught of creative works from 6 artists, 120+ to be guesxact with new product releases to boot.
Here's a peak of my wall from the exhibit....  You can view the show vicariously via our tumblr page, where we update constantly with 6 contributors' work.  Also I'll be posting pics regularly on my flickr or portfolio page, just "click the pic" art updates on the right to check it out.
Think Tank: Brainacles

This September, I released my first solo tee with ON!D.  For sale in sportsfan red, fatigue green and heathered green V-neck for the ladies.  In limited qualities, sizes goin fast only at the ohnodoom store !!!
Also that fine fall month, the beautiful people at Busy Beaver Buttons invited OhNo!Doom to create buttons for their Superhero! series coming to a gumball machine in a hip Chicago spot near you!  The ON!D collective contributed with what else, but a rogues gallery:
My button involved an annoyingly in depth story involving superhero SnaxbugBear when stealing snacks from unsavory bakery establishments get his paws on a jar of evil honey, which bonds to the poor bear symbiotically to create Snaximum Bearnage: foe to all honey-lovin bees alike! ...such as Super-Bee here for example.
You can read an interview with all the Doomers regarding super heroes and the like on the Busy Beaver button site here


This November, everyone's favorite comic book involving a drunken Bigfoot and Nessie solving mysteries: Mystery Afoot completed another issue!!!  Creators Zoran Gvojic, Dave Schneider and I spread the good word as we released for the first time our full issue Mystery Afoot Number 1 at a winter comic creator con hosted by Matt Sardo of Comic Vault.  
We'll be appearing at more events like these to come with new issues in hand.  Also we're working hard to get Mystery Afoot in local comic shop near you (if you're in Chicago)!!!  You can still follow their wacky adventures on  where we'll be post further pages and webisodes (along with other secret projects too inexplicable to detail! )
 I'm sure I missed something, but that keep us up to date.  Exciting things to come in 2012 so perk up your peepers!

Mystery Afoot March Madness!!!

{ Saturday, March 12, 2011 }
Haven't served up a helping of brain chowder in a while so here goes:

It's Mystery Afoot month!

In the last few weeks Zoran and I have been brewing up some new Afoot pages to start up a more reliable schedule of Mystery Afoot Wednesdays on A handful of pages have been uploaded so far this past month so check it out!

In fact tonight opens "BAM!" a comic book art show at Royal Flesh Tattoo Gallery in Irving Park. On display original artwork from Art Baltazar, Tim Seeley, Bill Reinhold, Jenny Frison, & pages from Mystery Afoot!! Promises to be a boozey night that would make a Plesiosaur proud. Show starts at 7pm and closes midnight. Runs until May. In addition to said madness.

I'll be at C2E2 at the McCormick center Chicago March 18 - 20 selling Mystery Afoot wares and sketchy commissions. I'll also be representing OhNo!Doom with 5 other Doomers at an exhibiting booth. ON!D will be premiering some fresh-fully clean new stuff at the con including but not limited to new tees, tote bags, coloring books, and Fluffy Friends toys! And other super-secret swag! Also Patton Oswalt will be there (not at our booth). Dare I say, how can you resist?
Zoran Gvojic and I will be reppin Mystery Afoot (w/ a possible Dave Schneider here or there) at Artist Alley booth: #D7
OhNo!Doom collective will be at booth #759
Check us out!

this is a future t-shirt design comin' out this summer '11 !!!

Bare Squared premieres at OhNo!Doom

{ Thursday, September 16, 2010 }
It finally happened, my little sister (3 years littler so not that little), Zoë Bare and I, Max Bare finished a body of work we've been eager to start for some time now: the first installation of "Bare Squared" a collection of collaborative works. Drawing from our own experiences, we created collaged narratives that explore sibling relationships and make comparisons between events in time, fantasy and reality, and different families.

A mathematical inaccuracy I hear but hey, it rhymes. "Bare Squared": the art of Max & Zoë Bare opened Sept. 4th at OhNo!Doom gallery in Chicago in tandem with Amanda Louise Spayd's "Bedtime Stories". All three of us are from the wild land of Ohio, so naturally it was meant to be. Amanda's work was so amazing it was spooky thus, completely selling out before our first guests stepped foot inside the gallery opening night! The night was a crowded house filled with complimentary PBR drinks and yummy Ohio buckeyes (if you're not in the know epicurious these mugs) crafted by the lovely Tiffany and Maggie.

So that was opening night if you missed it. But the show ain't over til I says so's. The exhibit runs at ON!D through Sept. 25th during gallery hours (Tues & Thurs 4pm-10pm and Saturday 12 to 7pm) if you're in the area and want to check it out in person. I'll be in attendance Tuesday through Saturday the 25th to say hi and stuff. You can also view all the artwork still available for sale on the gallery store page:
OhNo!Doom gallery store
Zoë also has unframed intaglio prints our favorite pets and an array of gorgeous paper-made earring and necklaces by the Zoë and Erin Paulson jewelry crafters Never Contented Things only available in store at OhNo!Doom (Chicago).

I'll also post pics from the opening on my flickr page in the future. For now here are some detail shots from the store page, check em out below! ::

detail of "Hop Up on My Shell as We Climb Across the Highway", w/ acrylic on birch cut-outs by Max Bare, concept by Max and Zoë Bare

detail of "Kyle", w/ acrylic on birch cut-outs with paper collage by Max Bare

detail of "Storytime", w/ wood engraving by Zoë Bare, acrylic on birch cut-out by Max Bare, collage by Max and Zoë Bare

detail of "Once Upon a Time", w/ wood engraving and photography by Zoë Bare, concept by Max and Zoë Bare

detail of "Hop Up on My Shell..."

A Mystery Afoot in C2E2

{ Saturday, April 24, 2010 }
Your fuzziest dreams have come true! That's right, the first issue of Mystery Afoot has arrived! If you aren't aware of what Mystery Afoot is all about, here's the low-down:

You know Bigfoot right? And the Loch Ness Monster, we all know him as Nessie? Yep, well they went and done it. They done opened up a detective agency to track down myth-related hijinkery.

Finally the story is told of how this all started. Straight from the minds of Zoran Gvojic and Dave Schneider of LowCarbComedy fame. I provided the pencils and inks. We premiered the first issue at C2E2 in Chicago's scenic McCormick Place. Comic Vault was so kind as to spotlight our comic at their booth.

Below is the cover image of BF and Nessie stomping the competition with eye-pleasing colorwork by Dan Atherton.

In Future Bigfoot News, us Mystery Afoot creators will be at Comic Vault for Free Comic Day May 1, 1pm-3pm selling the new comic, stickers, and prints from some fantastic artists. The story will continue on if you would like to receive email updates as pages get added you can sign our online guestbook on the homepage. Until then here's a sample of the story for the readin':

Comic available for 3 measly bucks at OhNo!Doom and Comic Vault. Or just hunt me down.

In other C2E2 news, everyone of us at OhNo!Doom designed a tee for all the protractor and pocket-protector possessing padawans out there. The tee shirt premiered at the Nerd City booth and the official C2E2 afterparty @ Double Door which was fun (seriously, you missed the tantalizing Nerdlesque show. I think you and I both know what Nerdlesque entails) Currently my source for MegaMan or bandana-wearing turtle news, hosts a weekly podcast of geek speak and drunken debauchery (no joke ear-muff the kids). They've also interviewed me and the ON!Doomers on there for your listening pleasure, if you want to hunt those podcasts down on their site that is!

Tee shirt currently for sale at the OhNo!Doom shop in Chicago (1800 N. Milwaukee for those in the know). or online over here:
Nerd City T-shirt!

And here's my contribution: Nerdy girl cosplayers Represent!

And final C2E2 note, I drew a thank you card for Chicago Bears' Lance Briggs, because Matt Sardo (of Comic Vault) made me.

Here's a picture of Lance Briggs:

Until laters,

Go Tell Somebody!

Max Bare in twenty-ten!

{ Thursday, February 25, 2010 }
Tired of saying Twenty Ten yet? I'm not! Just thought I'd share..

So! Its been far too long since my last unloading of updates. One possible reason for my neglect of the blogosphere could be my current involvement with Wickerpark/Bucktown's newest gallery! ::: OhNo!Doom (Chicago)

I along with Jordan, Joe, Lana, Andrew & Oscar, make up the OhNo!Doom Collective. We've had two openings so far: "Rock the Future" (Jan 16) and "Torn Pages" (Feb 13). Our newest gallery event: "A Healthy Dosage of Restlessness" opens March 6. I'll have more pics and links about these events soon. For more about OhNo!Doom, the gallery, store and what we do, check:

and more pics of January's Rock the Future opening hosted by Sadie Woods/White Label:
Rock the Future pics/

Thought Processor:
This fall ON!D hosted the "Thought Processor: Chicago series" group show at their Logan Square location before the big move. These involved a mass of excellent artists customizing paper toys designed by Phoneticontrol/ and paper sculpted by Sjors Trimbach.
This one's titled "Caught Cross-Dresser" for obvious reasons.

What's got 4 arms, 20 legs, 5 skulls, 1 decapitated head, and 4 scoops of ice cream? ...I dunno, but I painted it. This was basically an acrylic painting of Kali, some dear friends of mine commissioned. I discovered that 4 armed ladies are fun to paint, so maybe I'll do some more...

There's a bunch more I missed, that I'll post later, like comics, conventions and interviews. So stay tuned!