A Mystery Afoot in C2E2

{ Saturday, April 24, 2010 }
Your fuzziest dreams have come true! That's right, the first issue of Mystery Afoot has arrived! If you aren't aware of what Mystery Afoot is all about, here's the low-down:

You know Bigfoot right? And the Loch Ness Monster, we all know him as Nessie? Yep, well they went and done it. They done opened up a detective agency to track down myth-related hijinkery.

Finally the story is told of how this all started. Straight from the minds of Zoran Gvojic and Dave Schneider of LowCarbComedy fame. I provided the pencils and inks. We premiered the first issue at C2E2 in Chicago's scenic McCormick Place. Comic Vault was so kind as to spotlight our comic at their booth.

Below is the cover image of BF and Nessie stomping the competition with eye-pleasing colorwork by Dan Atherton.

In Future Bigfoot News, us Mystery Afoot creators will be at Comic Vault for Free Comic Day May 1, 1pm-3pm selling the new comic, stickers, and prints from some fantastic artists. The story will continue on www.mysteryafoot.com if you would like to receive email updates as pages get added you can sign our online guestbook on the homepage. Until then here's a sample of the story for the readin':

Comic available for 3 measly bucks at OhNo!Doom and Comic Vault. Or just hunt me down.

In other C2E2 news, everyone of us at OhNo!Doom designed a tee for all the protractor and pocket-protector possessing padawans out there. The tee shirt premiered at the Nerd City booth and the official C2E2 afterparty @ Double Door which was fun (seriously, you missed the tantalizing Nerdlesque show. I think you and I both know what Nerdlesque entails) Currently my source for MegaMan or bandana-wearing turtle news, www.nerdcityonline.com/ hosts a weekly podcast of geek speak and drunken debauchery (no joke ear-muff the kids). They've also interviewed me and the ON!Doomers on there for your listening pleasure, if you want to hunt those podcasts down on their site that is!

Tee shirt currently for sale at the OhNo!Doom shop in Chicago (1800 N. Milwaukee for those in the know). or online over here:
Nerd City T-shirt!

And here's my contribution: Nerdy girl cosplayers Represent!

And final C2E2 note, I drew a thank you card for Chicago Bears' Lance Briggs, because Matt Sardo (of Comic Vault) made me.

Here's a picture of Lance Briggs:

Until laters,

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