Max Bare in twenty-ten!

{ Thursday, February 25, 2010 }
Tired of saying Twenty Ten yet? I'm not! Just thought I'd share..

So! Its been far too long since my last unloading of updates. One possible reason for my neglect of the blogosphere could be my current involvement with Wickerpark/Bucktown's newest gallery! ::: OhNo!Doom (Chicago)

I along with Jordan, Joe, Lana, Andrew & Oscar, make up the OhNo!Doom Collective. We've had two openings so far: "Rock the Future" (Jan 16) and "Torn Pages" (Feb 13). Our newest gallery event: "A Healthy Dosage of Restlessness" opens March 6. I'll have more pics and links about these events soon. For more about OhNo!Doom, the gallery, store and what we do, check:

and more pics of January's Rock the Future opening hosted by Sadie Woods/White Label:
Rock the Future pics/

Thought Processor:
This fall ON!D hosted the "Thought Processor: Chicago series" group show at their Logan Square location before the big move. These involved a mass of excellent artists customizing paper toys designed by Phoneticontrol/ and paper sculpted by Sjors Trimbach.
This one's titled "Caught Cross-Dresser" for obvious reasons.

What's got 4 arms, 20 legs, 5 skulls, 1 decapitated head, and 4 scoops of ice cream? ...I dunno, but I painted it. This was basically an acrylic painting of Kali, some dear friends of mine commissioned. I discovered that 4 armed ladies are fun to paint, so maybe I'll do some more...

There's a bunch more I missed, that I'll post later, like comics, conventions and interviews. So stay tuned!


Lana Crooks said...

Your blue lady turned out awesome!

Stephen Rollick said...

I second that remark.

techdeco monk said...

well she's looks like a version of Vajra Yogini!