2011: The Happenings

{ Wednesday, December 7, 2011 }
Apparently there is no internet in the art cave. (lies!)
So here's a massive helping of brain gravy for the holidays: First things last! Or the other way around...

This past weekend witnessed the OhNo!Doom collective trek 16 hours across mountains, ice and yeti shanties from Chicago to Denver Colorado. "DOOM'S DAY" opened at Illiterate gallery on 12/2/2011. The exhibit featured an onslaught of creative works from 6 artists, 120+ to be guesxact with new product releases to boot.
Here's a peak of my wall from the exhibit....  You can view the show vicariously via our tumblr page, where we update constantly with 6 contributors' work.  Also I'll be posting pics regularly on my flickr or portfolio page, just "click the pic" art updates on the right to check it out.
Think Tank: Brainacles

This September, I released my first solo tee with ON!D.  For sale in sportsfan red, fatigue green and heathered green V-neck for the ladies.  In limited qualities, sizes goin fast only at the ohnodoom store !!!
Also that fine fall month, the beautiful people at Busy Beaver Buttons invited OhNo!Doom to create buttons for their Superhero! series coming to a gumball machine in a hip Chicago spot near you!  The ON!D collective contributed with what else, but a rogues gallery:
My button involved an annoyingly in depth story involving superhero SnaxbugBear when stealing snacks from unsavory bakery establishments get his paws on a jar of evil honey, which bonds to the poor bear symbiotically to create Snaximum Bearnage: foe to all honey-lovin bees alike! ...such as Super-Bee here for example.
You can read an interview with all the Doomers regarding super heroes and the like on the Busy Beaver button site here


This November, everyone's favorite comic book involving a drunken Bigfoot and Nessie solving mysteries: Mystery Afoot completed another issue!!!  Creators Zoran Gvojic, Dave Schneider and I spread the good word as we released for the first time our full issue Mystery Afoot Number 1 at a winter comic creator con hosted by Matt Sardo of Comic Vault.  
We'll be appearing at more events like these to come with new issues in hand.  Also we're working hard to get Mystery Afoot in local comic shop near you (if you're in Chicago)!!!  You can still follow their wacky adventures on mysteryafoot.com  where we'll be post further pages and webisodes (along with other secret projects too inexplicable to detail! )
 I'm sure I missed something, but that keep us up to date.  Exciting things to come in 2012 so perk up your peepers!