Mystery Afoot March Madness!!!

{ Saturday, March 12, 2011 }
Haven't served up a helping of brain chowder in a while so here goes:

It's Mystery Afoot month!

In the last few weeks Zoran and I have been brewing up some new Afoot pages to start up a more reliable schedule of Mystery Afoot Wednesdays on A handful of pages have been uploaded so far this past month so check it out!

In fact tonight opens "BAM!" a comic book art show at Royal Flesh Tattoo Gallery in Irving Park. On display original artwork from Art Baltazar, Tim Seeley, Bill Reinhold, Jenny Frison, & pages from Mystery Afoot!! Promises to be a boozey night that would make a Plesiosaur proud. Show starts at 7pm and closes midnight. Runs until May. In addition to said madness.

I'll be at C2E2 at the McCormick center Chicago March 18 - 20 selling Mystery Afoot wares and sketchy commissions. I'll also be representing OhNo!Doom with 5 other Doomers at an exhibiting booth. ON!D will be premiering some fresh-fully clean new stuff at the con including but not limited to new tees, tote bags, coloring books, and Fluffy Friends toys! And other super-secret swag! Also Patton Oswalt will be there (not at our booth). Dare I say, how can you resist?
Zoran Gvojic and I will be reppin Mystery Afoot (w/ a possible Dave Schneider here or there) at Artist Alley booth: #D7
OhNo!Doom collective will be at booth #759
Check us out!

this is a future t-shirt design comin' out this summer '11 !!!