Mural @ FlyBird!

{ Tuesday, October 27, 2009 }
Behold! I have just added another Chicago shop to my already lengthy list of awesome.
Flybird, OakPark's coolest shop of five years, will soon suck my wallet dry with its "curious items for the happy home, body & mind" Curious indeed! With Julie West toys, Ragnar books, run-away clocks and instructional children's material involving peeing elephants (no joke!), how could I not go broke?
Anyhoo, Julia invited me to collaborate on a mural at her lovely store along with the OhNo!Doom Crew and Lana Crooks. "10in10" involved 10 artists/teams creating 10 paintings that make up the new FlyBird mural wall.

Lana and I collaborated on the piece below. Lana created the domesticated Octopus beast, and I created the viking-ish Tapir rider (complete with He-Man fur underoos!). It was a fun weekend at a store definitely worth checking out!

more photos posted here:
Mural Pics
artists involved included:
ON!D crew
Paul Wear
Paranoid Girl
Jim Arnoldt
Simon Gallo
Hot Funk