ARCADE revisited

{ Monday, October 19, 2009 }
So I finally decided to reach back into the recesses of gallery cache to catologue a "Get Knifed Together" collective show way back from my days in Pilsen Park! I love video games and gamer culture (especially platforms and anything featuring a Mega-buster or SpreadGun here or there) and I was really happy with how this show turned out. Lots of super-rad artistic Chicagoans, PBR, power-ups and 2 projectors. Trying to teach some of our generation-gap visitors how to play MarioPaint on the bigscreen remains a highlight. Anyway a blast from the past featuring megablasts from the 8-bit past. You can view the entirety of the show here: ARCADE pics

Below are some pieces from a collaborative installation I worked on with a very talented artist, Alex Willan, for this show and other incarnations:

"HeatMan" -Max Bare

"MetalMan" -Alex Willan

"FlashMan" -Max Bare

"BubbleMan" -Alex Willan