Tapirs at the Columbian Exposition

{ Wednesday, September 30, 2009 }
If you missed it, I had the chance to visit the White City last weekend and let me tell you, it's filled with burning tapirs!

"My Kind of Town" opened last Friday, Rotofugi's group show featuring Chicago's fantastic artists.

I chose to depict the epic tale of murder and deception set in Chicago's wondrous World's Fair of 1893, with characters portrayed by tapirs, what else?

It was a fun project where I could call reference/inspiration from the Devil in the White City book, the Weird Chicago blog, and Sufjan Steven why not? This also propels my work into an ongoing series of found-wood structures depicting simple narratives. It will probably star a variety of tapirs too. New updates and pieces will follow.

"My Kind of Town" continues on at Rotofugi gallery, 1955 W. Chicago, through Oct. 11. more info: www.rotofugi.com

This past weekend also saw the opening of "Trophy", the plushinator Lana Crooks' solo show at OhNo!Doom gallery.
In "Trophy", Lana diplays her most recent acquisitions in the mythical creature community. One such beast on display, was the "Squidgeon", a tentacled and feathery friend commonly found lurking above awaiting to release their inky payload upon the heads of urban commuters below. This specimen pictured here is preserved as he was found, loitering on a sewer wall.

The piece "Squidgeon" is a collab between Lana Crooks and Max Bare. Lana created the plush Squid elements and I sculpted the charming Pigeon head.
"Trophy" continues @ OhNo!Doom through Oct. 20th. Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
more info: www.ohnodoom.com


SaraHaase said...

That little house dealy is absurdly wonderful.

Hey, this is Sara - I met you once at AlexLogan's place in Pasadena.

Alex was just showing me this comic thing where Bigfoot is fighting a scary ass duck and I loved and and had to come look at more of your work. A+.