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{ Monday, June 8, 2009 }
Below is a semi-slew of custom toys for shows early '09/late '08.

Exhibit: "Humans Beware: IWG Custom Show"
@ RocketWorld, San Francisco 4.10.09
curated by Alex Dril

Toy: "She's Not Worth It" - I.W.G. Rhino w/ Vespa custom

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Exhibit: "A.Okay Loves CTA 2009"
@ A.Okay Official, Chicago
curated by Max Bare & Lana Crooks

Toy: "Caboozery" - Amtrak model train custom

Exhibit: "Calacus"
@ 54B Gallery Chicago
curated by Ian Bennett

Toy: "Skully" - painted skull mold (produced by Ian Bennett)