ARCADE sneak preview!

{ Wednesday, June 11, 2008 }
Power - Up!! This Friday the 13th, the slewniest gallery in Pilsen Park, Chicago opens its door for its sixth art collective themed show! Get Knifed gallery hosts "ARCADE" featuring new work spawned by the warped minds of the few dozen artists that make up Get Knifed Together: the funkiest Chicago artist community!
Get Knifed is located @ 1932 S. Halsted unit 201
Chicago IL 60608 more info:

The event takes place June 13, 2008 6pm-10pm. Activities include projected Mario Paint interactive installation and free PBR (that's an activity right?)

3. Jay Smith "Midnight Munchies"

4. Matt Sharp "Putting the Man back in PACMAN" / Cantu "Chicago Kong"

5. Ian Bennett "MegaMan Maverick Hunter" / Ian Bennett & Erik Stenbert "Duck Hunt"

6. Peabe "Wily OG"

7. Yoink "The Palace is a Complex Labyrinth"

Artist Roster:
Max Bare/
Nathaniel Bettinger/
Lana Crooks/
Ian Bennett/
Erik Stenberg/
Alex Willan/
Ricardo Gonzalez/
Roderick DeJesus/
Pamela Marie Brotko/
Matt Sharp/
Nicole Pacillio/
Carolina Reyes/
Jose Garibaldi/
Jay Purugganan/
Michael Angelo Gagliardi/
Allison Tenn/
George Bowles/
Brett Johnson/
Rosemary Barria