Paint it Bare log 000001

{ Wednesday, July 25, 2007 }
And yes, my blog title is alluding to me painting while nekkid. ahem, Don't ask me how I mix my palette. Yuho! Yes so with the first two sentences of my first entry in an online journal designed to promote my artwork to art lovers, art critics, art-ists, and art buyers (eh?) I successfully erradicate any shred of respect from my reader(s).
And on that note, hello. hi. how ya doin? want a glass of Kool-Aid? i have purplesaurus..
so yes it's true. My name is Max Bare and I have a problem. I have this gigundous blimp that is packed with an equal mass of sand. The blimp has a small incision along its side that allows sand to push out and fall to the earth grain by grain. In other words I have alot of ideas in my noggin and they need to be on paper post haste. Thus I'm using flickr and myspace and now, hopefully more effectively, blogger or blogspot or whatever this is, blogger as a vehicle for getting some extra neato images out into the open. Preferrably as a tricycle or a hover-board or a landshark.* (vehicle, thats a joke son)
To kick this off I'll include a couple photos of a giant mural I along with 5 other awesome Chicago artists just finished in Wicker Park this weekend.

Saturday July 21st for "All Hands on Deck" a community building block party in Wicker Park. Mural/Tag courtesy of Creature House crew! Ian, Max, Erik, Simone, Riccardo, and Ralph (website and last names to be included later)
Evergreen / Milwaukee
And here's the details I made. wheeee!

These bees (ralph did the sass)

This bunny trying unsuccessfully to join the fun.

And party bear.
I also made the big she-sass on wall's far right.

So yep! Thanks for lookin' Now I can post on dan's blog.

*yes. Land Shark. A big vehicle Skeletor used to drive around that was part tank with a big shark head in the front. He would troll this baby around tearing apart folks like He-Man and Man-E-Faces limb from limb. Gruesome ain't it?


Angela Navarrete Dominguez said...

Fun stuff Max.

Dr. Awesome said...

Max, this is fucking awesome. I'm coming to Chicago now just to see it... and while I'm there, I might stop by and say hi.

PS: I hope you're seein' some green for this. (I'm a sell-out, you see.)